Diesjährige Preisträger


Young Researcher

Name and affiliation  Dissertation
1st Prize: Sebastian Tonke (University of Cologne) „Using Behavioral Interventions to Foster Resource Sustainability”
2nd Prize: Bosco Lliso
(University of Osnabrück)
„Social Equity and Payments for Ecosystem Services: From Macro to Micro”
3rd Prize: Cara Ebert
(University of Goettingen)
„Child development and human capital formation – Evidence from randomized interventions and gender inequality”

Prize Committee

Simone Dietrich (University of Geneva)
Andreas Fuchs (University of Goettingen)
Michael Grimm (University of Passau)
Javier Revilla Diez (University of Cologne)
Ulrike Grote (University of Hannover)
KfW Development Bank

Note: The KfW Prize for Scientific Excellence is not awarded anymore since this year.