Prize Winners 2023

Young Researcher
Name and affiliationDissertation
1st Prize: Angelika J. Budjan (PhD at Heidelberg University)“Financing for Sustainable Development: Emerging Issues and Actors”
2nd Prize: Hannes Greve (PhD at University of Göttingen and at GIGA, Hamburg)“Climate change mitigation and economic development”
3rd Prize: Henry Stemmler (PhD at University of Göttingen)“Essays on Technological Change and Trade in Development Economics”

The research price was awarded at the annual conference of the Research Group on Development Economics of the German Economic Association in June 2023 in Dresden.

Additional information (in German) is available on the KfW website: KfW und Verein für Socialpolitik verleihen Nachwuchsförderpreis für Entwicklungsforschung | KfW.

Prize Committee

Edmunte Alber (University of Bayreuth)
Clara Brandi (IDOS and University of Bonn),
Andreas Fuchs (University of Göttingen),
Michael Grimm (University of Passau),
Ulrike Grote (University of Hannover),
Javier Revilla Diez (University of Cologne),
KfW Development Bank.

From right to left: Michael Grimm (Chairman of the Research Group on Development Economics), Johannes Kannicht (KfW), Julia Kubny (KfW), Angelika Budjan, Hannes Greve, Christian Leßmann (TU Dresden).


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