Prize Winners 2021

Young Researcher
Name and affiliationDissertation
1st Prize: Simon Heß (PhD at Goethe University Frankfurt)“Essays on Experimental Evaluations and Networks in Economics”
2nd Prize: Sabrina Maurus (PhD at University of Bayreuth)“Battles over State Making on a Frontier Dilemmas of Schooling, Young People and Agro-Pastoralism in Hamar, Southwest Ethiopia”
3rd Prize: Selina Silvia Bezzola (PhD at ETH Zürich)“The consequences of Corporate Social Responsibilities for mining communities in Africa”

The research price was awarded at the annual conference of the Research Group on Development Economics of the German Economic Association in June 2021 in Hamburg.

Prize Committee

Simone Dietrich (University of Geneva),
Gregor Dobler (University of Freiburg),
Andreas Fuchs (University of Goettingen),
Michael Grimm (University of Passau),
Ulrike Grote (University of Hannover)
Javier Revilla Diez (University of Cologne),
KfW Development Bank.


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