About the Research Group


The Research Group on Development Economics was founded in the 1970's. It dedicates itself to the research as well as to critical discussion of research results and relevant questions in the area of development theory and policy. Accordingly, the Research Group aims for its members to engage in theoretical and political questions regarding both, their research and teaching activities. Moreover, special attention is paid to the promotion and building up of a new scientific generation in this area of interest. Maintaining an active exchange between the Research Group and the development practice is another important aspect.


The members meet on a regular basis at the Annual Conferences. The venue changes every year according to the member of the Research Group who is responsible for organizational matters. Besides scientifically specialized lectures, the program of the Annual Conference can cover deepening lectures and discussions.


Chairman of the Research Group on Development Economics is Krisztina Kis-Katos. Zuvor wurde der Ausschuss von Michael Grimm (2019-2023), Axel Dreher (2015-2019), Katharina Michaelowa (2011-2015), Stephan Klasen (2007-2011), Lukas Menkhoff (2004-2007), Heinz Ahrens (2000-2004), Renate Schubert (1996-2000) und Hans-Bernd Schäfer (1994-1996) geleitet. Der erste Vorsitzende war Rudolf Stucken. Bei Interesse der Mitarbeit können Sie sich an jedes Mitglied des Auschusses wenden.

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